Customized Color Policy

At Enduraplas, we do everything we can to abide by our brand guidelines and colors. Every product we sell that represents our brand is building value that we can't put a price on.

Making large volumes of the same colored product also helps us: 1) hold more inventory to reduce lead times, 2) Keep our production facilities efficient while lowering our overall manufacturing costs. As a result, we can continue to provide a premium product at an affordable price.

In the rare event of a customer requesting a customized color, we have put a policy in place that helps us stay as competitive as possible.


All Spray Equipment:

  • Minimum Order QTY: 25 Units
  • Down payment to start production: 30% (In the case that the customer cancels the order and we are stuck with odd inventory, odd colors, etc.)
  • Color change up-charge: 5%


Important note: This is specifically for raw material colors that we have the ability to produce. Please contact us to see if the color you are requesting is available.